General Question

Please email mhaboard@thecfmeadows.com
  •  Currently $100 annually, due every January by the end of the month.
  • Mail a check to: PO BOX #  Cedar Falls, IA 50613
  • Or pay online using the PayPal instructions on this link
 Refer to the city of Cedar Falls guidelines and any posted sign.
  • The pond is a private pond for our neighborhood use.
  • It may be used to fish from.
  • Entering the water or iced-over pond is at the homeowners’ (or their dependents’) own risk.
  • However, there are currently no rules against use of kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards.
  • The rocks around the pond have been purchased and strategically placed for erosion control. Moving, removing, or throwing the rocks into the pond or other location is considered destruction and vandalism.
  • Not through the city at this time.
  • Some neighbors do hire private companies who provide a curbside bin, such as “Rite Environmental”.