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Shed Requirements

Shed Requirements
One shed or storage building may be constructed on each lot with a dwelling as long as it meets
the following criteria:

  • Design of the shed is submitted to and approved in writing by the board of directors.
  • Construction of the shed meets the City of Cedar Falls regulations for Residential Accessory Structures. Some requirements are noted below:
    • supported d by a slab-on-grade with turned down footing which provides a minimum perimeter bearing edge of eight inches in width and twelve inches in depth.
    • Studs shall be a minimum of 2"x4" spaced 16" or 24" o.c.
  • The front wall of the shed must be located a minimum of 8 feet behind the rearmost wall of the dwelling.
  • The shed may be located no closer than 2' from the side and/or rear lot line. No portion of the shed may overhang the lot line.
  • The shed may not be used as a residence.
  • Foundation of the shed can be no larger than 12' x 14'
  • Overhang of the roof can be no more than 2' on all sides
  • Height of the walls from the slab floor shall not exceed 12 .
  • Height of the structure from the slab floor to the roof shall not exceed 1​8' or the ​​​​​​height of the dwelling including changes in grade: i.e. one should not be able to see the roof over the roof of the house from the street.