~The Meadows~
A Covenanted Neighborhood
in Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Meadows Homeowners

  • Annual meeting was held Tuesday January 16th 2018 at Prairie Lakes Church at 7pm.  Approximately 30 homeowners in attendance. 
  • Will Montgomery opened the meeting with a welcome message and introduced the Meadows Board of Directors
  • Financial review by Mike McKinney: current total in checking/savings / CDs approximately $19,500. 
  • In 2017 had one time costs of $4,200 for 4 aerators placed in pond over the summer replacing broken windmill. Not hosting a picnic saved over $2,000 and not outsourcing the pond maintenance saved another $2100.  
  • Shawn Harrington went over how neighborhood news is handled. Reminded everyone that our Facebook Page and Nextdoor app are the preferred methods to get timely neighborhood information.  A magnet will soon be going out to all households directing people to these sites.  Ask that the magnet stays with the house as people move in and out of neighborhood. 
  • Brief discussion about neighborhood projects included pond aerators installed and possibility of having benches down by the pond as well. 
  • Gwen Schwestka went over how new neighbors are welcomed to the neighborhood.  Her committee is always looking for assistance with this. 
  • Reminder of meeting coming up with the city about the new school.  That meeting will be held at Prairie Lakes Church January 25th, from 6-7pm.  
  • A "Thank You" to the Board was expressed by all the homeowners in the room for the work that was done by the Board this past year. 
  • Election of 2018 Officers:  Mike Finley as President, Robert Mejia as Vice President, Mike McKinney as Treasurer, Gwen Schwestka as Secretary. Jackie Preston, Theresa Tebbe, and Erik Fuessel are board members at large.  
  • Meeting was adjourned just before 8pm.