~The Meadows~
A Covenanted Neighborhood
in Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Meadows Homeowners

  • Was held January 24th, 2017 at Prairie Lakes Church Approximately 50 homeowners in attendance
  • Shawn Harrington opened the meeting with a welcome standing in for President Montgomery
  • Financial Review by Mike McKinney: current total in checking/savings/CDs approximately : $20,000  Mike reviewed normal expenses including utilities, landscaping, and pond maintenance. 
  • Communications update by Shawn Harrington: Reminded everyone to look to our Facebook and Neighborhood Nextdoor app to find announcements and to notify neighborhood of any items.  We will keep the website updated as well.  
  • Pond update by Mike Finley: We need to be mindful of the pond and how we can help maintain it.  Keeping grass clippings off the street and reporting silt going into the storm sewers to the city with construction going on around the Meadows will be helpful in keeping a healthy pond.  If its not maintained we could be looking at an expense in the future.
  • Neighborhood projects: discussion was had about the future of the annual picnic, the addition of park benches by the pond, and if we don't go the route of an annual picnic what other activities can we do as a neighborhood. 
  • Sheds:  Great information/discussion about the possibility of having sheds and what would have to happen to amend bylaws to have a shed.  More information needs to be gathered and will be looked into. 
  • New Neighbors:  Gwen Schwestka went over how the team tries to welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood with a small gift and some information. 
  • Future school:  Information was presented about the school being built NW of the Meadows.  In the future we will work to gather information from the city and make sure we are informed of the future impact it may have. 
  • Election of 2017 Officers:  Will Montgomery will remain as President, Mike Finely will become Vice President, Mike McKinney will remain as Treasurer, Shawn Harrington will remain Secretary, Gwen Schwestka, Jackie Preston, and Robert Mejia will be Board Members at Large.